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Autec is known for its functional and robust access management solutions that can easily handle several thousand users with very high reliability.

Uncompromising reliability

Autec installations are characterised by their stability and robustness. They are ideal for large, high-security installations that do not tolerate disruptions.

Open Architecture

Autec provides a long list of compatible components from other manufacturers, allowing the selection of items corresponding with the customer's desired price, functionality and aesthetics.

Babylon Software

With Babylon, Autec offers an access management software that matches their hardware: robust, comprehensive and without compromising on security.


Babylon Software

Developed to manage medium-sized sites as well as facilities with several thousand users, Babylon combines security and flexibility. All screens can be adapted to a specific workplace and it allows easy monitoring of accesses, cameras or barriers. With its modular architecture it can virtually manage any part of a security installation.